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About Mastec

Since MASTEC's (formerly Waste & Recycling Supplies) introduction into the Australian marketplace some three years ago, MASTEC® MGBs (Mobile Garbage Bins) and components have earned an enviable reputation for quality and performance in the field - particularly in terms of the their robust design and construction.

Not surprisingly, a key factor in MASTEC’s performance in the field is its commitment to strict quality control and, perhaps most importantly, on-going product testing.

Product Range

Michael Brixton, the Managing Director, explained: “From the outset, our primary focus has been on supplying high quality products that our customers can rely on. This is particularly important with products such as bins because of the ‘down-stream effect’ that occurs if there is a problem with the bin in the field – if something goes wrong with the bin, it effects both the service provider /council and the end-user / householder.” “With that in mind, we realised that product testing to ‘real-world conditions’ was of paramount importance. After all, we wanted to be absolutely sure that our bins are able to withstand even the harshest conditions,” Michael Brixton added.

"...over 1,200,000 MASTEC® MGB’s [are] already in use throughout Australia and New Zealand."

A privately-owned and operated Australian family business was established by the Brixton family some 15 years ago. Managing Director, Michael Brixton; his wife Shirley (Administration); and their son Adam (Logistics) all have extensive experience in the waste and recycling industry. This includes waste and paper collection vehicles, collection equipment, and distribution of MGB’s to domestic residents, together with the manufacture and supply of 2-wheel and 4-wheel mobile bins of all sizes, as well as a range of supporting products (bags, bin stands) to compliment these products. MASTEC Started planning its entry into bin manufacturing in 2001, and following an extensive product design, planning and testing phase, released the first of the MASTEC® 240-Litre MGB’s in 2002.

Robot arm with bin

This was followed by the MASTEC® 140-Litre MGB in 2004. Representing a capital investment of over $10 million dollars, the Company’s new manufacturing operation, Maxiplas, opened in 2004. As well as boasting the latest in world-class manufacturing equipment, the Maxiplas facility it is supported by an array of expertise in the fields of plastics moulding, toolmaking and engineering services. Importantly, Maxiplas and its component suppliers utilise strict quality assurance systems to monitor critical features such as wall thickness, colour, dimensions and appearance – a key factor in enabling MASTEC to provide a comprehensive 10-year product warranty. Needless to say, this focus on quality has resulted in the Company’s products and services being extremely well received in the marketplace - with over 1,200,000 MASTEC® MGB’s already in use throughout Australia and New Zealand.

MASTEC ships products to all parts of Australia using its extensive freight network - including road and road/rail services - and can deliver both small and large quantities on time, to any location.

Mastec - An Australian Success Story