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MASTEC employs strict manufacturing quality control guidelines relating to the quality, type of materials and components used, and the manufacturing process itself.

The PED:TC0010 Bin Lift Cycle Test

A major aspect of our Quality Control Program is the ‘physical bin-lift’ performance testing program.

As well as being tested for ‘comb lift’ systems and against the dimensional requirements of the European EN8401 Standard, all MASTEC® MGB designs have also been subjected to the rigorous PED:TC0010 Bin Lift Cycle Test developed by Macdonald Johnston Engineering Company Pty Ltd (MJE) using a ‘grab lift’ side-loader unit.

Lift test
One of the MASTEC bins undergoing a PED:TC0010 Bin Life Cycle Test at MJE's Adelaide facility.

The PED:TC0010 test was developed by MJE to not only ensure that MGB’s are compatible with their grab-arm system, but also as a method of testing the MGB’s ability to withstand the rigors of field service. The test involves repeatedly subjecting an MGB, (which is pre-loaded to a specified weight) to the grab-arm lift cycle.

The PED:TC0010 test provides a realistic indicator of an MGB’s ability to cope with conditions in the field when emptied using a grab-arm type side lift collection system.

The PED:TC0010 Bin Lift Cycle Test was first conducted on the MASTEC® 240-Litre MGB, which was loaded to a weight of 75kgs throughout the test process. The MASTEC® 240-Litre passed the test without any structural or functional defects. Even after 10 years of simulated lift activity under load, the bin only showed minimal signs of wear and tear. The MASTEC® 140-Litre MGB was also subjected to the PED:TC0010 Bin Lift Cycle Test, with a total of 65kgs of weight loaded into the bin.

As with its 240-Litre counterpart, the MASTEC® 140-Litre MGB passed the test with ‘flying colours’ in terms of appearance, condition and performance.

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Mastec Australia Pty Ltd are developing a formalised documented management system in preparation for Third Party Product Certification of the 140 litre and 240 litre rubbish bins to meet Australian standards (AS4123 part 1 (draft), part 5 (draft), part 6, and part 7).

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